Zebra Crossings



Our range of Pedestrian Crossing standard equipment range now incorporates the patended Zebrasafe and Centresafe offering the ultimate solution for pedestrian visibility. In addition, Signature supplies associated equipment, such as Signplate, Twin Amber Flasher units, Inter-active Signs, and Variable Message Signs.



 Introduced in 1993, the Zebrasafe (PATENT GB2287496B) have proven to be the most effective method in offering high visibility to drivers and pedestrians throughout Ireland. The application of this quipment also extends to other non-highway locations, such as airports and supermarkets, to name a few. This equipment has been developed to now offer either PL11 Spine, CDM or high flux LED illumination. Signature’s ethos offers our customers freedom of choice options, such as combination assemblies, various beacon illuminated methods, including LED options. All products conform to current BS Standards.


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