Prisma Teknik DAPS 2000 PBU’s


Prisma Daps 2000 is one of the world’s most developed pedestrian signals.
Quality-With-Design, excellent Performance and well adjusted functions is included in the price.
New electronic design brings bigger flexibility and more functions.
Improved sound settings, ambient noise control and vibration.
Settings installed through a user friendly App transferred via NFC-communication or USB from Android device.

Android application is provided from Prisma Tibro Sweden and the start of doing changes and activate more functions in your Daps 2000 units. Configuration files is transferred wireless with NFC communication or via USB port. Requirements is minimum Android version 4.4. User-friendly dialogues help you to make changes easy and fast before sending to Daps. Copy, save and organize your configuration files or e-mail them to your colleague. The function “Show Daps Information” gives you fact about hardware model, serial number, actual configuration file, factory settings and dynamic status from the unit in front of you.

A microphone continuously measuring the traffic noise level around the box, adjusting the sound level to make sure that the sound is audible without causing disturbance. In Daps 2000 the ambient noise control is SMART enough to know in which sound frequency to increase the sound or not, always audible but less disturbing

The LED light ring is improved: higher plastic ring and 32 LED’s for
extra visibility. You can choose which light emission you prefer from

Field of application: Warning messages, emergency vehicle approaching, roadwork. In Prisma Daps 2000 you can Record directly in the app or upload pre-recorded messages.

More powerful vibrations makes it easier to know the phase of the intersection. Daps 2000•L has two choices regarding the vibrator function. You can have only vibration then there is a special tactile marking for this with small dots.
If you prefer vibrator in combination with a push function you feel one big pressure point. Vibration is always in the bottom lid.