Siemens proven traffic management systems have been integrated to create Stratos, the most effective solution available today. Developed using the latest cloud-based technology, Stratos delivers scalable real-time traffic management, information and control, ranging from basic monitoring to strategic control of complex urban traffic environments. Stratos offers the complete solution for Strategic traffic management, Journey Time Monitoring, Variable Message Signs, Car Park and Disruptions management.

Stratos is a hosted solution, meaning there is no need for dedicated servers or client machines, which in turn means no capital cost, depreciation of assets or ongoing hardware maintenance costs.

Using the very latest information technology infrastructure to produce a highly resilient, redundant and scalable solution as standard, the system delivers a range of different application modules and will continue to extend to provide a complete solution for all traffic management, control and monitoring requirements.

Strategic network management

Stratos provides effective strategic management using visual “drag and drop” methodology. Strategies can be created quickly and effectively to manage the most complex conditions with minimal effort. Using multiple states, with varying priority levels, it is now possible to completely automate routine network management with confidence using Stratos.

The retention of historic versions of strategies provides complete confidence when evaluating new ideas or methods of control, allowing easy fallback to a previous version if required.

With integration to external systems using industry standard UTMC interfacing, Stratos seamlessly manages complete network information, sharing with other stakeholders and ensures trouble free journeys for network users.

Journey Time Monitoring

Real time journey information is an essential element of any traffic management system and invaluable to the operator in a traffic control centre to ensure optimal network operation. ANPR cameras, Bluetooth detectors, SCOOT loops and links to third party systems all contribute to the rich source of information which can be integrated and used for traffic management within Stratos.

Variable Message Signs

Real-time information displayed to drivers through variable message signs is a key component of effective network management, allowing road users to avoid incidents and delays, as well as easily find vacant parking spaces.

Stratos includes comprehensive legend management for signs with messages categorised by size and type. Signs can be set automatically based on pre-determined strategies and the intuitive user interface enables individual or multiple signs to be set quickly, minimising delay in publishing information.

Car Park

The car park management module of Stratos continually analyses the number of free spaces in each car park, automatically determining the most appropriate messages to be displayed on variable message signs. This information is automatically integrated within the wider system for Traffic Managers and is available for use by third party systems as well as for analysis of car park performance and related congestion.

Disruptions Management

The disruption management module allows the user to create and manage accidents, incidents, roadworks and planned events.

An EToN6 external interface provides a direct connection to street-works register systems (Mayrise, EXOR, Confirm and others) which provide roadwork information using the EToN 6 standard, copy receipt mechanism.

The Highways Agency Collision and Incident data can also be connected directly to the Disruptions module using the DATEX II Interface.

The module includes the capability to quickly capture operator and automated strategy actions taken within Stratos and associated with an event avoiding double typing. Stratos outputs information using email, SMS, Twitter, and directly to the Emerge public website to alert interested parties of disruptions.

Records of phone calls, emails sent or received along with general notes can quickly be added to an event providing a complete audit history of action taken.

Advanced search facilities enable the user to quickly find patterns of disruptions review previous interventions and rate their effectiveness.

Environment module

Ranging from weather conditions, wind speed and direction to air and road temperature, the Stratos Environment module brings Metrological and Air Quality data from UTMC data sources and third party systems such as Envirowatch into the traffic domain. New easy to read graphing tools help Traffic Managers spot trends quickly and make full use of available environmental data. Stratos strategies can now react to changing environmental conditions. Automatically warn drivers of freezing conditions and high winds by setting Message Signs or adjust signal timings to strategically gate traffic when pollution levels rise.

Stratos Emerge

Designed using the latest web technologies with versions tailored for both desktop and mobile devices Stratos Emerge allows local authorities to quickly and easily configure and automatically publish traffic network information to the public. Stratos Emerge helps to keep the public informed with up to date information on Car Parks, Message Signs, Collisions, Incidents, Roadworks and Events. Additional information about the local area including train stations, ports, airports and tourist information points of interest can be added to the map with photographs and links to external websites.

Stratos benefits

  • A range of dashboards provide stakeholders with a quick overview of the network status
  • As there is no need for any dedicated client machines, Stratos can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser with the freely available Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed.
  • Stratos is primarily designed as a hosted solution managed and supported by Siemens. Where complete hardware control is required it can also be deployed on dedicated customer hardware, providing a robust and cost effective solution.
  • Regular software updates are planned and along with service releases these are rolled out at off peak times to minimise disruption.

Current developments

  • The Traffic Signals module will build on the rich heritage of Siemens UTC and RMS. With direct connections to the Stratos Outstation, existing UTC/SCOOT and RMS systems, the Traffic Signals module will bring an all-new, easy to use, unified user experience.