Siemens Heimdall



Complete above-ground detection

Siemens’ all-new Heimdall offers comprehensive above-ground detection of both vehicles on the road and pedestrians at the roadside. Using advanced radar-based technology, the complete range of detectors offers high performance, simple installation and low on-going maintenance. Heimdall’s compact form also ensures that unnecessary street clutter is minimised.

Now with kerbside and on-crossing pedestrian detection as well as SCOOT, MOVA, stop-line and VA options, Heimdall is an entirely home-grown Siemens’ product giving customers a simple and cost-effective alternative for pedestrian detection.

At the heart of each detector is a technologically-advanced planar radar antenna system and a sophisticated digital signal processing engine. Developed by Siemens, these incorporate patented features that enable Heimdall to offer excellent pedestrian and vehicle detection, count and occupancy performance as well as good ‘gap’ detection capabilities. Heimdall applications include:

  • Pedestrian on-crossing
  • Pedestrian kerbside
  • SCOOT and MOVA
  • Single lane and dual lane vehicle approach
  • Stop line
  • Selectable speed activation

With advanced radar technology, Heimdall is largely immune to changing environmental conditions including sun and shadow, snow or fog, ensuring reliable detection.

Unlike some vision-based systems, Heimdall’s radar technology eliminates false detection due to light level changes and the effect of shadows and will continue to work equally well in both bright and totally dark locations.

Similarly, the effects of fog and rain, which can severely affect the performance of vision-based systems, go largely unnoticed when Heimdall is deployed, ensuring the best possible performance of the road network, whatever the conditions.

Heimdall benefits:

  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Immune to changing weather and light conditions
  • Easy replacement of previously installed units

‘Heimdall is the Watchman of the Gods in Norse mythology. He requires less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles around him, by night as well as day.’

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