SafeZone™ – Urban Average Speed Detection



SafeZone™ is the latest addition to Siemens road safety product portfolio.

SafeZone™ calculates the average speed of vehicles against posted speed limits and has been designed to be installed in suburban and residential areas with the minimum impact to the local environment. SafeZone™ innovative camera technology means the systems can be installed at significantly lower cost than fixed camera systems whilst retaining the proven road safety benefits of motorway based average speed enforcement system.

SafeZone™ has now been installed outside a school in a residential area in Poole.
The trial is intended to reduce vehicle speeds and improve road safety for school children, staff and teachers at Springdale First School and the local residents of Springdale Road.

Ruth Leach, Headteacher, Springdale First School, said: “The safety of children at Springdale is of paramount importance and the school is eager to promote safe, healthy travel. Some parents and children have raised concerns over the speed of vehicles on Springdale Road. We are keen to support any initiative which may enhance safety and will be interested to learn of the outcome of the trial”.

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