Traffic Signal Remote Monitoring System



The Siemens Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMS) is an easy to use and highly reliable facility, enabling the efficient monitoring and management of a wide range of on-street equipment.
The system features an advanced instation, which allows operators to appreciate the status of all monitored equipment at a glance, using a fully user customisable map-based display.

Equipment monitoring is performed by Siemens Gemini powerful 3U sized Outstation Monitoring and Control Unit that can easily be installed in most equipment housings.
Fault and status reporting is via PSTN or GSM network, allowing the most cost effective communications infrastructure to be chosen on a site by site basis.
As well as providing the optimum solution for monitoring applications, the system may be used to remotely control various equipment including Variable Message Signs.
Direct interface to the Siemens Sietag reader also provides an integrated bus and emergency vehicle priority system, complete with detailed recording of travel times and events.
  • Informative and easy to operate user interface
  • Highly reliable reporting of equipment status and fault information
  • Seamless integration with the Siemens Prefect Fault Management System, allowing automatic administration of equipment maintenance and repair
  • Instation runs under a wide range of operating systems for maximum utilisation of end-user equipment
  • Supports communications via standard PSTN and GSM networks, providing the most cost effective use of the communications infrastructure

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