Helios Traffic Signals


• LED Central Light Source system and standard tungsten halogen lamps
• Enhanced optics for maximum visibility and exceptional phantom performance
• Low power consumption
• Highly reliable and extended life expectancy
• Robust, vandal resistant construction
• Aesthetically pleasing modular design for flexible traffic system configuration
• Superior head mounting arrangement allows precise tilting and rotation
• Unique anti-impact feature, providing protection against damage from glancing impacts

The Helios range of traffic signals is renowned for delivering optimum clarity, physical appearance, reliability and longevity. The range features a choice of head options including Siemens’ SIRA style enhanced optics and the latest Central Light Source (CLS) LED technology. Helios traffic signals offer an extremely attractive, modern design and their modular construction offers a wide flexibility of assembly options.
Advanced LED light source

The Helios family includes standard tungsten halogen optics and the latest generation of Central Light Source LED optics, providing the benefit of low-power consumption and extended operational life. Employing a highly developed SIRA style lens, the optic ensures maximum transmission of illumination whilst ensuring that extraneous light is not reflected back to the viewer when the signals are switched off. The result is a signal that is extremely clear and easy to see in all weather and lighting conditions.

An innovative internal masking arrangement allows symbols such as filter arrows to be easily implemented without the need for these to be screened onto the optic. This gives great flexibility for on-site adjustment, together with the ability to easily convert ‘standard’ signals to arrows and symbols if this becomes necessary.
Lamp monitoring compatibility

Helios’ Central Light Source offers a highly reliable LED signal, but defects in street cables and terminations mean that signal failures may still occur and lamp monitoring is therefore recommended. Utilising Siemens’ patented lamp monitoring technology, Helios CLS can to be monitored by a wide range of Siemens equipment. This allows
standard incandescent signals to be replaced with LED optics, eliminating the need for expensive street cable or controller alterations. For applications where lamp monitoring is not required, Helios CLS Lite provides a cost effective alternative.
Robust modern design hoods

Helios hoods are moulded in a flexible yet robust polymer, ensuring exceptional resistance to damage and great dimensional stability. A unique indexing feature on both primary and secondary hoods facilitates precision location. Additionally, a wide range of louvered hoods may be fitted, providing extra screening where visibility needs to be further restricted.
Modular design

Helios has been designed in a modular format and can be easily configured to provide the flexibility required
for modern intersection control strategies. Typical options include left and right arrows as well as four-inline signals.
Mounting arrangements

The complete signal head features an improved mounting arrangement, allowing simple tilting and rotation to be achieved during installation. Additionally, the rotating mechanism incorporates a unique anti-impact feature, providing protection against damage from glancing impacts.
Backing boards and internal components

The simple and robust design of the backing boards further ensures high resistance to impact damage. The internal design accommodates a range of equipment including audible drive circuits and tactile power supplies

The introduction of the latest LED Central Light Source further reinforces Helios’ postion as the leading traffic signal available today.
Technical specifications

• Certified to EN12368, performance class 3/2
• Phantom ratio – Class 5 (better than 16:1)
• Output intensity – Type M class A (400 cd)

Optic sizes
• Standard optic – 200mm
• Regulatory sign – 290mm
Illumination methods
• High intensity tungsten halogen lamps
• Advanced Central Light Source LED array with automatic LED failure detection
• Signal dimming – 140V and 160V
• Optional lamp monitoring – compatible with Siemens:
T400 Ancillary Processor/OTU
Free-standing lamp monitor unit

Modular construction options
• Single, two, three and four aspect assemblies
• Flexible options for side boxes and other requirements
• Will accommodate a wide range of louvered hoods
• Backing boards available for all construction options
• Retro-reflective edging
Power consumption

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Helios CLS Lite Bright Dim
Red aspect 13W 3W
Amber aspect 13W 3W
Green aspect 16W 4W
Helios CLS – with lamp monitoring Bright Dim Bright Dim
Red aspect 28W 12W
Amber aspect 28W 12W
Green aspect 28W 13W