Extra Low Voltage Equipment


Benefits of ELV

The development of more efficient LED signals now allows extra low voltage to be used without imposing significant limitations on intersection cable runs or numbers of signals that can be driven, allowing all the potential benefits of ELV systems to be realised in the ST900 ELV system. As well as offering significantly improved electrical safety, the ST900 ELV system offers real environmental benefits.

These include significant reductions in CO2 emissions due to lower power requirements, and reductions in raw material usage, resulting from the need for fewer street cables. The end result is significantly lower costs compared to traditional LED solutions, due to improved technology. It is these benefits that are currently driving the rapid growth of ST900 ELV systems around the world.

ST900 ELV Intersection Controller

The ST900 ELV system is designed to reduce energy costs significantly, control busier and more complex junctions, and places greater emphasis on safety. ELV sites typically.

  • Reduce annual power consumption by 65% to 70%
  • Save over two tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Reduce precious raw materials, used for cables, by typically 30%
  • Are cheaper to install than traditional LED based solutions
  • Offer realistic overall payback times even compared to initially lower cost HI solutions
  • Are electrically much safer than non ELV installations

More information on the ST900 ELV can be found by clicking here

ST750P ELV Pedestrian Controller

The ST750P family is closely related to the acclaimed ST900 range of Siemens high performance traffic controllers. It is optimised for use as a pedestrian controller and provides Pelican, Puffin and Toucan control strategies at both LV (230V) and ELV (48V) drive levels. The ST750 is due to release in early 2009 and replaces the ST700 controller.

In common with the ST900 controllers, the ST750 family is compatible with the whole range of Siemens street-furniture, including Helios LED signals, LED nearside signals and LED wait indicators, all offering significant power cost savings over conventional signals.

More information on the ST750P ELV can be found here