Traffic Control


SafeZone™ – Urban Average Speed Detection

  SafeZone™ is the latest addition to Siemens road safety product portfolio. SafeZone™ calculates the average speed of vehicles against posted speed limits and has been designed to be installed in suburban and residential areas with the minimum impact to the local environment. SafeZone™ innovative camera technology means the systems can be installed at significantly lower [...]

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ST950 LV / ELV Junction Controller

The sixth generation ST950 controller builds on the success of its predecessors, bringing a host of new features and new levels of accessibility and safety. Integral UTMC OTU, 4-stream MOVA 7, easy to follow web style user interfaces and safer operation are just some of the ST950 highlights. An optional uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is [...]

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ST750 LV / ELV Pedestrian Controller

The ST750P family is closely related to the acclaimed ST900 range of Siemens high performance traffic controllers. It is optimised for use as a pedestrian controller and provides Pelican, Puffin and Toucan control strategies at both LV (230V) and ELV (48V) drive levels. The ST750 replaces the ST700 controller. In common with the ST900 controllers, [...]

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Helios Traffic Signals

• LED Central Light Source system and standard tungsten halogen lamps • Enhanced optics for maximum visibility and exceptional phantom performance • Low power consumption • Highly reliable and extended life expectancy • Robust, vandal resistant construction • Aesthetically pleasing modular design for flexible traffic system configuration • Superior head mounting arrangement allows precise tilting [...]

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Traffic Signal Remote Monitoring System

  The Siemens Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMS) is an easy to use and highly reliable facility, enabling the efficient monitoring and management of a wide range of on-street equipment. The system features an advanced instation, which allows operators to appreciate the status of all monitored equipment at a glance, using a fully user [...]

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MOVA Junction Control

MOVA stands for Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation. Originally designed by TRL during the 1980s, it is now a very well established strategy for the control of traffic light signals at isolated junctions – i.e. junctions that are uncoordinated with any neighbouring signals. It can also be used at stand-alone pedestrian crossing, i.e. Puffin and Pelicans. [...]

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SCOOT Urban Traffic Control

The successful management of traffic in the 21st century places many demands upon the service provider. As the volume of traffic using the highways continues to grow at a greater rate than the capacity of the road network, the effect of traffic congestion is an ever-increasing problem in towns and cities around the world. Siemens’ [...]

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Stratos Siemens proven traffic management systems have been integrated to create Stratos, the most effective solution available today. Developed using the latest cloud-based technology, Stratos delivers scalable real-time traffic management, information and control, ranging from basic monitoring to strategic control of complex urban traffic environments. Stratos offers the complete solution for Strategic traffic management, Journey [...]

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Sicore is a fully integrated automatic number plate recognition camera designed for traffic management and control applications. With camera, illuminator, processor and modem integrated in a single rugged enclosure, Sicore automatically captures any number plate from vehicles travelling in both directions. Features: High speed number plate recognition Wide capture zone with single and dual lane [...]

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