Street Furniture


School Warning Signs

Traffic Solutions in partnership with Signature Ltd. are proud to offer as part of their overall product portfolio a range of interactive signs that include Periodic LED Speed signs and School safety signs with incorporated 200mm flasher unit. These electronic LED speed limit signs are designed for use in locations where a reduced speed limit [...]

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Interactive signs

Interactive Signs

To combat driver complacency, we have recently developed a range of random message VMS (Variable Message Signs) and VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs). These products have proved effective over longer periods of time due to the alternating messages, they are also produced using LED lights. You can choose from single message, dual message or multi message [...]

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Radar Controlled Speed Signs

  Radar Speed Displays What is it? The classic radar-based LED Speed Displays aim to influence driver behavior by showing them their speeds driven. It’s an efficient way to reduce speed by 15-18% and increase traffic safety. Different speeds can be displayed in different colours, pictures of children on the front plate and various LED-pictures like [...]

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Illuminated Bollards

  From the traditional rotationally moulded to the most up-to-date blow moulding process, Signature multi-aspect bollards offer our customers the FREEDOM OF CHOICE in both product style and design to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. The Signature range of 270mm rotationally moulded bollards offer the effectiveness expected from using highly flexible UV stabilised [...]

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Truflex Bollards

Thanks to its unique patent pending cam mechanism, the TRUEFLEX technology ensures the return to its TRUE position (original stance) after FLEXING through impact. Incorporating anti-over tensioning features enabling the Trueflex mechanism to provide constant performance even when wound through numerous rotations. Installation Methods Designed for multi types of installations: NEW installations via foundation base plate [...]

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