Automatic Urban Bollards AH Model

AUTOMATIC URBAN BOLLARDS AH MODEL   The AH model belongs to the folding Electro-hydraulic Bollard group, with a rectangular shape and a MINIMAL framework quota for EXCAVATION (20cm), making it ideal for parking spaces or private access areas in confined spaces.   GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS -Electro-hydraulic Bollard with external power supply. – Framework manufactured with top [...]

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Automatic Urban Bollards QEH Model

QEH MODEL- The QEH model has a smaller size square base and is slightly taller. Economic Urban Bollard for intensive use   GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS – Electro-hydraulic Bollard plus external power supply. – Framework manufactured with top coat of treated aluminium. – Magnetic finish lines for races without physical contact (IP 67). – Easy installation plus [...]

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Automatic Urban Bollards QAH Model

 AUTOMATIC URBAN BOLLARDS – QAH MODEL Independent Electro-hydraulic Bollard with domestic hydraulic unit with no   Performance Limit       GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS – Framework manufactured with top coat of treated non-slip aluminium. -Incorporating interior cabinet to house the hydraulics. – Magnetic finish lines for races without physical contact (IP 69). – Easy installation with minimum [...]

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Semi Automatic Bollard

Semi automatic   The semi automatic Bollards work with a key which releases a Gas spring and in turn activates the rising bollard. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS – Framework manufactured with top coating of treated aluminium. – Easy installation with minimum upkeep and maintenance. – Key which can be personalised – System can be adapted to the [...]

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Residential Bollard

Residential Model   The main aim of PILOSTOP residential bollards is to offer a top quality product, designed specifically for use in residential areas and to guarantee intensive use over a long period of time. Different combinations of quality and finish are available and can be designed to suit individual surroundings. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS  – Guaranteed [...]

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Security Bollard

The SECURITY model bollards are specially designed to protect businesses, jewellery shops, embassies, airports, banks, etc. This bollard type is able to prevent vehicle smash-and-grab raids within a protected area. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Guaranteed to function with continuous intensive use. – Bollard rise time: 3 seconds – Bollard fall time: 2 seconds (Set-up times)   BOLLARDS AND FINISHES [...]

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Bollard Lighting and Marking Options

Lighting and Markings Lighting and markings are important to indicate the presence of a system which controls access by means of automatic bollards. Markings are designed with both drivers and pedestrians in mind.   High Intensity crown reflective bands Crown reflective bands developed using latest technology, with 360º, HIGH Intensity lighting which provides excellent visibility [...]

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ST950 LV / ELV Junction Controller

The sixth generation ST950 controller builds on the success of its predecessors, bringing a host of new features and new levels of accessibility and safety. Integral UTMC OTU, 4-stream MOVA 7, easy to follow web style user interfaces and safer operation are just some of the ST950 highlights. An optional uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is [...]

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ST750 LV / ELV Pedestrian Controller

The ST750P family is closely related to the acclaimed ST900 range of Siemens high performance traffic controllers. It is optimised for use as a pedestrian controller and provides Pelican, Puffin and Toucan control strategies at both LV (230V) and ELV (48V) drive levels. The ST750 replaces the ST700 controller. In common with the ST900 controllers, [...]

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Helios Traffic Signals

• LED Central Light Source system and standard tungsten halogen lamps • Enhanced optics for maximum visibility and exceptional phantom performance • Low power consumption • Highly reliable and extended life expectancy • Robust, vandal resistant construction • Aesthetically pleasing modular design for flexible traffic system configuration • Superior head mounting arrangement allows precise tilting [...]

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