Bicycle – People Counting System


The Bicycle-People counting system (RBBP7) counts cyclists and pedestrians separately, providing count information for each type of user. The standard unit is suitable for bikes on paths up to 3 metres wide, but it can be configured for paths up to 3.5 metres if required.

The RBBP7 is normally supplied with either a protective housing or metal posts. The posts or housing are installed on either side of the path. The post option allows the unit to be set further back from the path (up to 5 metres separation distance) as the antenna can be buried closer to the path. There is no cabling requirement.

The system is supplied with one of the following:

- 6 Digit display which is reset with magnet

- Data logger for the download of time-date counts onto a PC.

- Wireless transmitter for the continuous download of data onto a PC

Bicycle Cycle Lane counter (RBB7-CL): single sided system ideal for locations where bike and car lanes are adjacent or where a single-sided installation is required. Bicyle-People-Horse (Triple): separately counts each category of user. Bicycle counter (RBB7): counts only cyclists.

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