Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Sicore is a fully integrated automatic number plate recognition camera designed for traffic management and control applications. With camera, illuminator, processor and modem integrated in a single rugged enclosure, Sicore automatically captures any number plate from vehicles travelling in both directions.


  • High speed number plate recognition
  • Wide capture zone with single and dual lane operation
  • Journey time monitoring solutions
  • Optional colour overview camera
  • Easy to install, operate and integrate
  • Road user charging systems
  • Average speed enforcement
  • Bi-directional operation

Fewer cameras require less infrastructure

Sicore monitors vehicles in up to two lanes, in both directions simultaneously reading both front and rear number plates. The ability to use a single camera to capture data from traffic in both directions on a single carriageway road reduces the number of cameras required for accurate number plate capture. Alternatively a single camera is now able to capture vehicles across multiple lanes of one carriageway, removing the need for one camera in each lane to provide complete coverage on a motorway for journey time monitoring.

High speed number plate recognition

Using technology originally developed for character recognition in postal sorting machines, the integrated ANPR engine from Siemens attains maximum read rates at vehicle speeds up to 200 km/h. Special algorithms enable the system to accurately recognise number plates from many different countries without manual review, reducing the need for post-processing effort in enforcement solutions. This high performance level is available throughout the day and night with the intelligent infrared illuminator providing optimum illumination of the wide detection zone.

Easy to install, operate and integrate

Sicore is designed with ease of operation and to minimize the installation and configuration requirements on street. The advanced character recognition technology within Sicore removes the need for detailed camera alignment that is sometimes required with ANPR systems. Capable of reading number plates from the side of the road without mechanical adjustment for skew angles, with power and communications available Sicore is quickly installed and reading number plates.  With the wide detection zone of Sicore, less cameras are required, removing or reducing the need for mechanical alignment of multi-camera installations in enforcement applications.

Sicore applications

Journey time monitoring and traffic management

Sicore ANPR cameras linked to a Comet UTMC traffic management system allow live journey time information to be displayed to the operator and also to the public via the Internet. As well as providing real-time information on network performance through the calculation of journey times, the data collected by the camera network is invaluable in removing the need for expensive, manpower intensive surveys at infrequent intervals to determine traffic flows. The flexible communications architecture available with Sicore allows easy integration into Siemens’ Comet alongside existing ANPR and other devices.


Road user charging

Sicore is the ideal enforcement ANPR camera for The high level of evidential security allows Sicore to give complete confidence in the performance and security of the Congestion Charging application. Its wide lane coverage and bi-directional capture functionality enable the fewest number of cameras to be deployed in a city’s Congestion Charging scheme, giving a cost effective and visually unobtrusive solution.  Sicore can be used for a number of similar applications to Congestion Charging, including Low Emission Zones, the enforcement and control of borders and when integrated with additional outstation equipment, the enforcement of national road user charging schemes.


Average speed enforcement

SafeZone is Siemens’ average speed enforcement solution using Sicore,  designed to increase the number of deployment options currently available and reduce the number of cameras and infrastructure required to provide effective casualty reduction programs. SafeZone operates by identifying all vehicles as they enter an enforcement zone calculating  average speed against the exact distance travelled within the zone. With Sicore cameras only requiring a minimum of seventy metres between out-stations, SafeZone enables customers to enforce 20mph zones or safety critical areas, such as schools. SafeZone also supports multi-lane and multi-entry and exit points, ensuring effective use of the system for all types of urban, rural, highway or motorway average speed enforcement.


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