About Us



Traffic Solutions Limited is an ISO-9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company, it was established in 1997 and has become Ireland’s leading company specialising in the installation and maintenance of traffic control systems to Local Authorities and civil contractors. The Company has a proven track record of providing the highest level of service throughout Ireland from its offices in Kildare and Limerick. We are proud to be partners of the following industry leaders in the manufacture of advanced intelligent transport systems products

• Siemens Mobility, Traffic Solutions.

Siemens Traffic Controls, based in Poole England, are the leading manufacturers of traffic control equipment, and offer an unrivalled portfolio of traffic management products.

• Prisma Teknik.

Prisma Teknik AB based in Tibro Sweden, are manufacturers of advanced acoustic Pedestrian Push Button Units. The units provide audio and tactile facilities for the visually impaired and the deaf.

 • Signature.

Signature Limited, based in Birmingham England, deliver an extensive product portfolio which ranges from bollards, pedestrian equipment, signs, signals and interactive signs, to airfield signals, bus shelters and subway lighting.

• Pilostop S.L

Pilostop S.L, based in Manresa, Barcelona, Spain, provide a range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bollard systems for both access control and security control of roads, garages and shops.


For more than 15 years Sierzega has been one of the leading manufacturers of Radar Speed Displays. By focusing on research and development, they have also filed several patents.  All their products are produced in Austria and have a high in-house production depth. Over the years they have been able to increase our product range. They always try to give direction to new developments on the market.