Automatic Urban Bollards QEH Model


QEH MODEL- The QEH model has a smaller size square base and is slightly taller. Economic Urban Bollard for intensive use


GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS – Electro-hydraulic Bollard plus external power supply. – Framework manufactured with top coat of treated aluminium. – Magnetic finish lines for races without physical contact (IP 67). – Easy installation plus minimum upkeep and maintenance.


FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS – Guaranteed to function with continuous intensive use. – Bollard rise time: 3 seconds – Bollard fall time: 2 seconds – In the event of power failure, gravity will cause the bollard to automatically fall.


BOLLARDS AND FINISHES Diameter 140 and 250 mm (Please ask us about other sizes) Height: 500 and 700mm (Please ask us about other sizes) Materials used in manufacturing the bollard: Painted steel, Stainless steel in Matte and Gloss, Cast iron.